Contemporary change in Russia

In from the margins?

Omslag för Contemporary change in Russia: in from the margins?

Rindzeviciute, Egle (red.)

”Contemporary Change in Russia: In from the Margins” is composed of a selection of papers presented at the seminar “Contemporary Change in Estonia, ” held in the Baltic & East European Graduate School (Södertörns University College, Huddinge), 13-14 December 2002.

The book combines focused case studies that critically examine political, historical, social and cultural landscapes of contemporary Russia.

Subjects covered include: Geopolitics, National Identity, Social Change, Political Theory, History of Ideas and Gender.

This volume is a resource for students of the East European countries in transition, as well as those interested in the interplay between tradition and change in the contemporary nation-state.

Huddinge : Baltic & East European Graduate School, Södertörns högskola, 2004. 126 sidor.

ISBN 91-85139-03-3

Serie: Baltic and East European Studies, 1651-7849 ; 3