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Crossing the Border

Boundary Relations in a Changing Europe

Omslag för Crossing the Border: Boundary Relations in a Changing Europe

Lundén, Thomas (red.)

Crossing the Border is a collection of articles which discuss Europe´s changing landscape of boundaries, with the special attention to the new borderlands of Central and North-Eastern Europe. Contemporary Europe´s system of increasingly accessible borderlands has been countered by new walls, hindrances and obstacles, between the countries. In this book, senior and junior scholars from different disciplines add to our knowledge of border relations, their studies ranging from the individual to the inter-state level.

Eslöv : Gondolin, 2006. 199 sidor.

ISBN 978-91-85629-03-9

Serie: Baltic and East European Studies, 1651-7849 ; 9

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141 89 Huddinge

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