Representation of the others in modern European history

Omslag för Encounters: representation of the others in modern European history

Hurd, Madeleine (red.)

This anthology utilizes the concept of encounters to investigate the linked constructions of identity and difference in modern European history. The articles use representations of others to ask basic questions about identity: how is the encountered group described, and what does this description say about the observer and about the cultural group and discourse that the observer represents?

The studies span 150 years and a wide geographical area (Germany, the U.S., Sweden and Russia). Importantly, they also demonstrate how descriptions of the “other” vary according to the media used. The form in which the representation is placed – in novels, travel literature, web sites, newspapers or World Fairs – affects the way in which its messages on identity and otherness are conceptualised and conveyed. These articles, thus, not only present insights into how the discourses of, e.g., race, Orientalism, educational, gender and class hierarchies affect concepts of “us and the others”. They also show how the medium functions as an integral part of that message.

The book is written by a range of authors ranging from advanced students to professors. It is, accordingly, aimed not only at experts in the field, but also those starting out in identity and cultural studies – serving both as a textbook, and as a work for seasoned scholars looking for recent and innovative investigations in the field of identity studies.

Huddinge : Södertörns högskola, 2003. 207 sidor.

ISBN 91-89315-34-0

Serie: Research Reports, 1403-5111 ; 2003:5