Food and Rurality in Europe

Economy, Environment and Institutions in Contemporary Rural Europe

Omslag för Food and Rurality in Europe: Economy, Environment and Institutions in Contemporary Rural Europe

Rytkönen, Paulina (red.)

This book is the result of a workshop about localized agri-food systems held at biannual conference of the International Farming Systems Association in 2010. All articles depart from the reality experienced by rural agents in Europe. Some of the main concerns of rural Europe today include institutional and cultural questions, socio-economic perspectives as well as urgent environmental topics. All of these perspectives are present in this book.

A common point of departure of most articles is small scale agriculture and/or local food production. Several of the contributions highlight the growing concerns about food freshness and food security, which are often linked to a demand for traditional cuisine. Some chapters also underline the importance of cooperation between small-scale farmers and food artisans, including their market and branding strategies. European and international branding/quality schemes, such as PDO/PGI, regional trademarks and the Ark of Taste are thoroughly analyzed and linked to the articulation of localized agri-food systems. The contributions also highlight an interesting contrast in the perception of “local” and the strategies of territorial organization used in in different parts of Europe.


Huddinge : COMREC, Södertörns Högskola, 2014. 368 sidor.

ISBN 978-91-975017-9-8

Serie: COMREC Studies in Environment and Development, 1652-2877 ; 10