Foucault, Biopolitics, and Governmentality

Omslag för Foucault, Biopolitics, and Governmentality

Wallenstein, Sven-Olov (red.); Nilsson, Jakob (red.)

Foucault’s work on biopolitics and governmentality has inspired a wide variety of responses, ranging from philosophy and political science to history, legal studies, and urban planning.

Drawing on historical sources from antiquity to twentieth century liberalism, Foucault presented us with analyses of freedom, individuality, and power that cut right to the heart of these matters in the present.

Huddinge : Södertörns högskola, 2013. 204 sidor.

ISBN 978-91-86069-59-9

Serie: Södertörn Academic Studies, 1650-433X ; 54

Serie: Södertörn Philosophical Studies, 1651-6834 ; 14