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Placing Art In the Public Realm

Omslag för Placing Art In the Public Realm

Nilsson, Håkan (red.)

The public realm is a space of paradoxes. While on one hand it seems to be shrinking due to commercialization and to be losing its position as a forum where different agendas can meet, it can also be said to be expanding through social media and thus merge with traditional “private” areas.

The contributions in this volume range from philosophical and political takes on the idea of the public to texts that understandthe current situation from the point of view of the art scene. Thinkers such as Chantal Mouffe, Jürgen Habermas and Giorgio Agamben meet, for example, with local Swedish graffiti, the international digital world and multicultural New Delhi. All offer perspectives on what the public-and the private-realms might mean today.

Huddinge : Södertörns högskola, 2012. 139 sidor.

ISBN 978-91-86069-48-3

Serie: Södertörn Academic Studies, 1650-433X ; 50

Serie: Södertörn Studies in Art History and Aesthetics, ; 1

Alfred Nobels allé 7 Flemingsberg

141 89 Huddinge

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