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Contemporary challenges facing Parliament

Mutations in time, representativeness, transparency and accountability

Omslag för Contemporary challenges facing Parliament: Mutations in time, representativeness, transparency and accountability

Cartier, Emmanuel; Jonason, Patricia

Parliaments, which are the pillars of democracy, face many challenges to which they have to adapt. In this report the authors focus on some of these challenges.

Emmanuel Cartier analyses the impact of the phenomenon of the acceleration of time on the Parliament’s three functions: legislation, government oversight and scrutiny as well as the represention of society. The analysis is conducted comparatively and includes the Parliament of five European countries and the European Parliament.

Patricia Jonason examines the challenges facing Parliament in terms of representativity, transparency and accountability of elected officials. The analysis focuses on the rules and mechanisms concerning the Swedish Riksdag and on the European standards.

Huddinge : Södertörns högskola, 2020. 59 sidor.

Serie: Working Paper, 1404-1480 ; 2020:1

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